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Italian Crested Newt - Triturus carnifex - Alien


Tailed Amphibian

Very similar in appearance to the native Great Crested Newt distinguishing features are; stockier, smoother skin, white stippling is often absent from flanks, belly more yellow with large round dark spots, browner in appearance.

Females very often have a yellow stripe along their back.

Adults up to 16 cm

UK Distribution

Reported from Surrey and Birmingham.


Exotic - The Italian Crested Newt has been deliberately introduced into the UK. It is able to hybridise with the native Great Crested Newt and is therefore cause for concern. If you suspect that a population contains non-native crested newts please seek specialist advice as this species should be removed from the wild.

Italian Crested Newt - male
© Paolo Mazzei

Adult Male Italian Crested Newt

Italian Crested Newt - female
© Paolo Mazzei

Adult Female Italian Crested Newt

Release of exotic species into the wild is a criminal offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

This includes introduction of exotic or alien species that may already have become established.

The interpretation of "wild" in the act includes private gardens from which escape is possible.

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